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I am writing this letter regarding the recent damage done to my home on September 27th by Teresa’s Family Cleaning located at 341 Route 25A Rocky Point, NY 11778. They also have locations in Huntignton and Southampton Long Island NY. There was a crew of three that arrived on September 27th to perform cleaning at an hourly rate. My wife met with Jenn A, the leader of Crew 6 and briefly showed the rooms that were open for cleaning. After approximately one hour and forty-five minutes, my wife was asked to sign an inspection checklist. All flooring had just been mopped and it was not possible for my wife to cross into different areas of the house. My wife signed the paperwork so that the Crew could leave as the bottom claimed that you could notify the office within 24 hours if you are dissatisfied with any of the service rendered.

Once I had returned home and the floor had dried, my wife and I were able to go through the house we were appalled by what was found. Not only were there areas of floors that were not vacuumed, and wood molding that was not dusted—but there was actual damage to our heating vent, kitchen linoleum floor, master bathroom vanity countertop and our new kitchen garbage can cover was missing.

1. The heating baseboard vent was left knocked off and disassembled on the floor. The heating vent finns were left exposed and dented.
2. The kitchen linoleum floor was torn from the molding and I had to repair it by tacking back down to the floor.
3. There is a round bleach stain that was still wet when my wife discovered it- and does not wipe away.
4. The brand new kitchen garbage can cover is missing?!

I contacted Teresa’s Family Cleaning on September 27th immediately after discovering the heating vent. Then, I followed up with an email describing the rest of the damage found. Understandably, Helen and Teresa of the cleaning service required an inspection to see the damage. While both my wife and I are very busy, we set up a time and date to be available to show the house. I took off from work early to accommodate Teresa’s request, and waited for them to arrive. It was then that I got a call that they would be late and I was told that I would “just have to wait” and “to be patient”. When I explained to Teresa, the owner, that I would have to leave soon, I was spoken to in a demeaning tone, “I know, I know, you are just so busy”. Finally, Helen arrived with a male who took pictures of the damage outlined above, of which we didn’t sign a release for nor did we agree fully to. In addition to the damage noted, Helen swiped molding with her hand and was astonished to see all the dust float down and acknowledged that a poor job had been done on the cleaning.

To resolve the damage and poor cleaning, Helen offered to send the crew back. This was not a sensible or even a slightly intelligent solution since we did not want the crew back and we had other obligations the days offered to us. Even if we did choose this alternative- we are faced with schedule restraints even for periodic cleanings- and we wouldn’t have the time available again until late November. Helen promised a phone call to resolve both the damage and poor cleaning service.

After calling them on numerous occasions, we finally received a letter dated October 4, 2003 from Teresa Ward. I am disappointed in the blatant lies that are contained in writing:

1. Bleach Stain—the crew claimed that the stain was pre-existing and that they could not get the stain off the counter. That is simply not true. The bleach was still wet on the counter, the round bottle was the last thing that was removed from the counter and it was never even wiped down. It was a fresh stain and left by a commercial, re-fillable, round spray bottle—a size and shape that we do not own.

2. Baseboard Heating Damage- Teresa explained that there is no apparent scrapes/gouges in the cover. No kidding! The cover was not on the baseboard- but moved onto the ground—leaving the venting finns of the baseboard heating exposed to the vacuum’s direct hit. The crew was not able to put the baseboard back together and left it apart on the floor.
3. Garbage Can Lid- The crew leader had a “whole conversation” with Mrs XXXXXXX? My wife did not have a conversation as to why the garbage can lid was missing! What could possibly be said about it? It was there when the crew arrived and was not there after they left.

This is not the professional service promised and to make matters worse- nothing was offered to resolve the horrific unprofessional damage caused by their cleaning crew. At this time, I am respectfully asking that our credit card be fully credited for the amount of 169.65 and approximately $1,000 in damages and great inconvenience to say the least.