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We would like to formerly complain about a representative later known to us as Doug Breindl of the BEST BUY store in Lake Grove New York. We started a complaint on-line already #4095095 and #4095237. We apologize in advance for any run-ons, curses or similar during the following complaint. This would in deed stated by Breindl as much as he denied saying it when we were complaining to another manager at the door that seemed to take indicated that he supported this maniac. However, this is by far the worst experience we have been wrongfully put through by a Best Buy or any store representative within our lives. He is definitely the most horrific manager we have been forced to unfortunately run in to in many decades on Gods green earth. Please forward this complaint to your Best Buy Corporate Offices for an investigation and reply to us.

On 5/17/03 at approximately 5 pm I spoke to a Best Buy representative at 631-737-1632 located at Lake Grove, New York. He promised me that he could match or price on a JVC DV Camcorder to include a free tripod, bag and lens kit which came with the offer at the other locations. We have brought in on-line ads before so what the representative told us on the phone was correct. On May 17, 2003, we met Justin, Best Buy salesperson in the video section. We even called other Best Buy stores and they all said as this representative claimed to bring the online ad in and they would beat it. Not once did any of them claim that they wouldn’t match and online retailer. He said he would beat the price by 10%. So, he went with our on-line price, a lady manager, and Breindl went to a computer and spent over twenty minutes plugging in numbers in attempt to beat our price. Never once while they were doing this did they mention that they wouldn’t match/beat the price. The same camera was listed at two locations for $327 and $345 and many others cheaper than the $399. Best Buy price. They all then dispersed and Justin returned to us and stated that they couldn’t beat the price. We then asked to speak to the lady, who we believed was a manager, after another ten minutes of waiting, Justin returned with an unkempt, intimidating male named Doug Breindl. Breindl claimed he was the absolute head manager. When I asked again if he was the top manager- he claimed to be the General Manager and the top boss at all times. I explained the story again, despite the fact that he was involved already when he was looking for the pricing. He became very rude and demanded that he wouldn’t beat anything. His intimidating nature, (hands on his hips, combat boots, and ). He pointed to the policy on the wall I said I didn’t. I said why didn’t you tell me earlier when you told me it was an on-line retailer—Best Buy is also.

He kept interrupting me with my wife present—All the store representatives and customers witnessed his rude, arrogant, bike-type mentality he was displaying wrongfully to say the least. Basically we were lied to on the phone. Justin didn’t tell us anything different. Representatives and Breindl knew about this while they were searching in the computer. Twenty minutes later, I was confronted by Breindl as if we were criminals. We then requested again to speak to the manager above him due to his obnoxious, unprofessional ways. He responded, "I am the General Manager of the whole store, and there is no one else for you to speak with here—what don’t you understand about that." I said "You are in charge, seven days a week." And he rudely cut me off and said "Yes". I tend not to believe this. He then told Justin to put the camera away in an abrupt, sarcastic manner. He demanded that we leave and that he was going to call the police – no reason for this or anything else. He then raised his hand again and signaled that he was done and walked towards the back of the store. I said "You are unprofessional". No cursing took place until this point. Breindl replied "Kiss my ass", and his hand hit his back side as he walked away. I asked for clarification "Kiss my ass?", it was wrong of me, but I called him an "Asshole". In a gargled voice it appeared that he said "F%$# off". I said "Your employees think you are an asshole too". I looked at David and he shook his head up and down "Yes" acknowledging and agreeing with me. (Please keep his name anonymous I wouldn’t want him to face retaliation from Breindl, he seemed fearful to be involved and stated please don't get me involved with him).

We began to walk out, we were at the exit, and this maniac, Breindl goes way out of his way from the back of the store, charging to the front of the store as if he would push me. He then confronted me again, when I was speaking to a representative Tom who also claimed to be a manager. He interrupted my conversation with Tom and insisted that I cursed him and threatened to "Kick his ass"—but I merely repeated for clarity when he begun escalating the conversation with "Kiss my ass". Breindl raised his hands and waved them in my face and threatened to call the police again if we didn’t leave immediately. I do not believe this was called for and it is an outright disgrace. I was at the exit and this was highly embarrassed for both my wife and I. In fact, my wife had wanted to look at and buy a microwave and digital camera, but will shop elsewhere due to this unbelievable nonsense and outright despicable shopping experience we unfortunately had thanks to Breindl. He appeared to want to brawl, is this the characters that you promote and hire to handle your customers???

I must say that I have seen this character in action before rudely talking to customers. He was commenting behind my back when Tom, the other manager and I were speaking in the past concerning a computer that I was returning and Compaq did a return authorization of merchandise. Is Tom Breidnl’s boss, if so they are both lying and I know Briendl is a liar already because when he confronted my wife and I at the exit WRONGFULLY AGAIN, he said he never cursed at me at all, no less first WHICH HE DID. Breindl is a LIAR. He even lied and became defensive and accuesed me are cursing at him when HE STARTED FIRST before I reacted to his actions. He accused me of saying things that never were said concerning him. I did call him an asshole after he started the abusive language of which I CAN'T BELIEVE he is denying! I was man enough to admit calling him an asshole after he cursed me first and he lies and would not admit to the truth like a 12 year old in denial. Almost like he ate some cake before his dinner when confronted by his parents of whom know he did and possibly observed same and he would lie and say he didn't do it. As indicated again, he said "Kiss My Ass and Fuck Off" before I ever raised my voice and Dave agreed with me when I called him and asshole by shaking his head up and down confirming YES! There is evidentially some hard feelings with Dave and Breindl and I am sure other employees alike which leads me to believe that Breindl is a PROBLEM CHILD to say the least and needs to be replaced if he is the MAIN MANAGER as he brandished in charge of the whole brick building always. It is a disgrace if this is the case a real shame that Best Buy would trust someone like this to jeopardize its business services and brand name! Is he the MAIN MANAGER as he blatantly claimed?

In the past, he and Tom were involved and borderline very rude and I am sure they remembered me and were upset that I got what I deserved and Compaq approved seemingly against their desire or educational understanding. Compaq faxed and approved authorization for an exchange and they were wrongfully handling the authorization that was faxed to them and previously agreed by another manager at Best Buy who at the time was higher than both of these people. If there is someone higher than this Breindl than why is he claiming to be the main boos? If he is the main boss of the store than what were the people thinking that chose this rude assaultive person brandishing tattoos and dressed like a rogue? At the time with the Compaq returned he and they kept me there for an extended period of time while they spent what appeared to be blatant intentional long period of time and delays only to eventually give me what Compaq approved and even verified that they approved and fax from Corporate Offices prearranged prior to me arriving. I even had the same fax in my possession that was faxed to a different manager of which was approved yet Tom and the harasser Breindl harassed me and my wife and I think they remember this because I complained and now that are doing a pay back unprofessionally for me getting what was promised me with that transaction.

Breindl was the most rudest, unprofessional representative of a store that we have sadly met. My wife would be the first person to correct me if we or I was coming of too strong and she couldn’t believe the poor judgement and erudite behavior on the part of Breindl with his crew cut, tattoos, and crude mannerisms he outwardly displayed. This lowlife wouldn’t even allow us the chance to speak to another employee, is he barring us WRONGFULLY from the store?? Please advise so that we can have our attorney pursue a multi-million dollar lawsuit sadly to say against Best Buy and Breindl. We are sure that jury would love to observe his unprofessional outlook and barbaric handling of a customer service issue.

We have every right in the world to have Best Buy honor the promises made by the person on the phone and all of these individuals mentioned. Their actions showed that they were attempting to beat this "Online Retailers Price" as well as the (Online and Store Front from Commack NY right down the road price? That they didn’t even match this one because Breindl was more interested in arguing and fighting most probably based on his actions. May I suggest putting him in the stockroom, your own employees are afraid of him and indicated such and shook his head (Dave did Please keep confidential is seemed afraid and said please not to get him involved). Best Buy employees feel and insinuated that Breindl is a tyrant and wrong. At this point based on the horrific handling of my families shopping and needs by Breindl we don’t even want to go into this store again.

At this point in time we feel very abused and let down greatly with Best Buy and its rude employee Breindl. Before we contact the following agencies and hopefully we won’t have to like the: Attorney General, Better Business, Consumer Affairs, Ptivate Attorney and the Police again. We are requesting a complete investigation into Breindl and want the replacement of him as MAIN MANAGER as he claimed if he is and Tom for allowing him to lie to us which as indicated Tom claimed that Breindl was the Store Manager which we find hard to believe. We weren’t looking for perfection but to be harassed, verbally assaulted and chased out of the store by Breindl in an attempt by him to save face because he was being requested to assist us is an outright shame.

We are requesting compensation due to being lied to about beating our price, being assaulted verbally nearly physically by Breindl. Our entire day and time thereafter has been ruined do to this maniac. We are busy over the next week or so and cannot get the Best Buy $50 gift card and $99 software promised for purchasing this JVC prior to 05/24/2003 as we also needed the camcorder for an upcoming business project which is now ruined as well by Breindl. We cannot believe the audacity and horrendous treatment displayed to us by this fool! We are good paying customers of Best Buy and he violated our Human Rights as well as a host of other civil rights and regulations. We would like the JVC GR-D 30 Camcorder DV, Tripod, Bag, and Lense with the software be mailed to us ( We will provide our mailing address confidentially over the phone to Corporate Offices) as a form of compensation to close this horrible matter and to avoid being forced to pursue further administration action.

Please contact me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX as well as in writing concerning the action you will take against him and please keep our telephone number and personal information, name and address confidential from Breindl. We agree with Dave and don’t want our tires slashed or similar by this Biker looking representative of yours, Breindl that Best Buy has hired as MAIN MANAGER which is an outright shame that this matter turned into what it has? This was, by far the worst experience that my wife and I were forced to be put through at the hands of such an unprofessional representative Breindl. We await your decision of fair and equitable compensation before we pursue our other options.

Very Truly Yours, XXX XXXXXXXX