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Merry Maids Cleaning Service- Are they employing Prescription Drug Addict workers or just plain old Thieves?
Is Merry Maids a responsible home cleaning company or are they untrustworthy? You be the judge?

I am writing this letter to inform you of a most likely criminal act that took place while our house was being cleaned by a team of Merry Maids of specifically of Long Island, New York. Merry Maids does clean throughout the USA though and may possibly be cleaning your house. We will not allow them into our home ever again.
On December 2, 2002, ten generic Vicodin pills were removed from a bottle that was stored behind sliding doors within a medicine cabinet. The bottle clearly indicates that the transfer of the medicine to anyone other than the person prescribed is against Federal Law. This drug is a highly addictive painkiller registered as a controlled substance and theft indicates possible drug abuse.

We contacted the owner of the Merry Maid franchise, Charles Montante of 20 Dawn Drive in Centereach, NY 11720. Since one of us was home, it was observed that the staff member known to us as “Patti” was the one who cleaned the bathroom. No other person had access to the house, nor is a break-in feasible considering the alarm system and guard dog.

Disappointingly, Montante did not take any definitive action nor was an apology made. This is especially troubling considering that upon initiating the cleaning service with Merry Maids we were informed that the company was fully bonded and insured and conducted criminal checks on all employees. Audrey, the representative assured us that all house cleaners were completely trustworthy, is this true if 10 pills used for a minor operation were missing right after this lady "Patti" left the premises?

I would carefully decide who if anyone enters my residence in the future and you should definitely do the same, especially Merry Maids Cleaning Company because WE WILL DEFINITELY NOT ALLOW these creaps within our home ever again and that you can guarantee! Just think, you are paying top dollar for a nation wide company to clean your home or business. Should you or I have to wonder if they are going to steal something of importance to you? We definitely should not have to wonder or worry if Cleaning Service is going to rip us off!

May we suggest getting someone you know personally or come highly recommended by a family member or friend. You may want to check your local newspaper or yellow pages. You will most likely save a lot of money going local and you most definitely won't have to pay top dollars like we did and get ripped off as we did.