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WE WILL NEVER go back to B & B Furniture located at 3130 Route 112, Medford, NY, 11763 for the following obvious reasons but not limited to:

My elderly dad purchased a kitchen table and two chairs from Dennis (The Owner) and Sue of B and B Furniture a few weeks back, which it seemed to have arrived late for pick up to begin with. My Dad also claims that it should have been free delivery as Sue promised which turned out to be a lie, we have to pick it up for pay delivery charges. My dad is charged approximately $410 for a cheesy, weak, horrible looking table for this amount of money, maybe $199 tops. I found out he was being charged so much so we checked other Furniture places and came up with $179 for a similar but stronger table and nicer chairs.

With this in mind, B and B Furniture claims that they will be all prices LIES, I approach Dennis and offer a chance for him to, he says no and gives me a rash of nonsense which didn't make sense. Prior to arriving with my Dad, I called up and the wouldn't give a price on the phone and Sue played round robin nonsense with me and wouldn't give me even an approximate price on a model number that I provided to her, she was unprofessional to say the least! I walk into the store and without my Dad and Sue and Dennis muster up a price that isn't even close to what they wrongfully charged my Dad, WHAT A JOKE THESE PEOPLE ARE! As you can see, thusfar, these people are playing games to say the least. They are the same characters that have screwy commercials on the local TV station.

Well, we have convinced ourselves that we aren't going back there anymore THAT IS FOR SURE. We felt unfairly treated and a horrible feeling about the place in general, not your average Seamanís or Levitt's Furniture Store. So now we make it all the way, many miles home to find out that this piece of garbage merchandise we got had a broken leg on one of the kitchen chairs. So we call Dennis and ask him to either ship a free chair or refund us somehow such as the shipping or handling of us having to drive ALL THE WAY back there and return the broken chair we just brought home a few minutes ago.

Once again, Dennis the owner, with the majority of his head bald with a Goat T argues and provides HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE to me and my Dad resulting in my elderly Dad having to drive all the way back in the rain to B and B Furniture because Dennis couldn't either ship the chair in the near future or at the very least be professional enough or intelligent enough to assist a customer who was in the store a few minutes earlier. Would a small token of appreciation, like a $25 credit be proper, we though so and this is why WE WILL NEVER go back to B and B Furniture located on 3130 RT 112 in Medford NY 11763.