NorthPoint sues Verizon
in California Superior Court [Case # 317249]
for Misrepresentation, Breach of Contract
and Fraud

The FAT LADY THREW UP: US Trustee E. Lynn Schoenmann sells NorthPoint down the river and pockets a cool 5 1/4 million dollars for accepting a paultry $175 Mil to settle NorthPoint's lawsuit against Verizon. This settlement would pay 50 million to secured creditors leaving 20 cents on the dollar to unsecured creditors and bondholders. The companies shareholders get wiped out. The bondholders get just about wiped out. And the Dept of Justice US Trustee E. Lynn Schoenmann becomes a millionaire! 7/23/02. The sadest part of the whole story is that this E. Lynn Schoenmann Character promised all of the innocent INJURED NorthPoint Shareholders that she was going to pursue this $4 Billion dollar lawsuit against Verizon for Fraud to the fullest extent. Did Schoenmann do this by settling for $175 Million 3 business days before the long awaited trial? Did Schoenmann commit FRAUD AGAINST EVERYONE INVOLVED? Isn't this a disgrace to say the least and unprofessional horrific matter at hand that Schoenmann caused? Read on and you will see the disgraceful decision making that Schoenmann committed against NorthPoint Shareholders she promised to support!

Dear Sirs or Madam:

We would like to respectfully bring to your attention a pending lawsuit for "FRAUD" and other critical charges and allegations that NorthPoint Communications has brought against Verizon and its Executives.

NorthPoint Communication’s lawsuit against Verizon could easily result in a jury award of $4+ billion or more. In a recent interview, E. Lynn Schoenmann, NorthPoint’s Federal Trustee was quoted as saying It’s a very good lawsuit. I’m taking this very seriously and we have a very strong case.

Our NorthPoint Shareholder’s Group (recently obtained a copy of the 07/12/2001 Amended Complaint) concerning this case and it is now clear why Ms. Schoenmann would make such confident statements. The allegations in the Amended Complaint appear to be devastating to Verizon. I recommend that you read the entire Complaint, but you could sneak a peek at paragraph #10 on pages 4 & 5 and paragraph #48 on page 21 before you start. You can view the Amended Complaint in another window

If you want to follow up on this matter, Ms. E. Lynn Schoenmann, NorthPoint’s U.S. Trustee can be reached by phone at 415-362-0415, Fax at 415-362-0416 or Email at

NorthPoint’s San Francisco law firm of Folger, Levin & Kahn has assigned lawyers Doug Sullivan and Samuel Miller to the case. Either attorney can be reached by phone at 415-986-2800.

Our Shareholder’s Group has a large amount of information concerning this case, which can be found at our website. Many of us are long term, 'Mom and Pops" investors and were seeking to invest with hopes of providing our children and families with a more secure future for i.e.. College Tuition and similar, only to find out that we were all lied to by Verizon as well. Our investments were whisked away wrongfully by Verizon for no legitimate reasons. If we can be of any help to you, please contact us by replying to this email. It is believed that we communicate with hundreds of NorthPoint Shareholder's some of whom are former NorthPoint Employees who have horror stories, sadly to say, where in many cases their finances were stolen due to Verizon's overt actions.

NorthPoint Communication's amended complaint and affirmation names Verizon Executives who are alleged to have used Deceitful, Unfair Business practices as well as "Fraud" and lies in order to attempt to confuse and distort the merger agreement that was signed and agreed upon in full on 08/08/2000 by Verizon and NorthPoint. In this amended complaint you will read allegations that a Verizon Vice-President Steven Smith communicated with NorthPoint and its Executives as well as his own Verizon Executives, clearly attempting to manipulate NorthPoint into selling the entire NorthPoint Company for less than what both companies agreed for Verizon to pay for 55% of NorthPoint as per merger agreement 08/08/2000. Steven Smith supposedly put this in writing along with other Verizon Executives such as Telecom Division President Lawrence Babbio who was familiar with all these allegations within the amended complaint, where Verizon Executives attempted what appears to be "Black Mail" and "Fraud".

Isn't this corrupt in nature for a larger more powerful company to attempt to "strong arm" a smaller competitor like NorthPoint, just prior to the date when Verizon was obligated to make a $200 million payment to NorthPoint? Verizon went back on their word and contractual obligations and in turn attempted to steal NorthPoint for half the original cost and written agreement

Please read the amended complaint for further, more accurate accounts of the overt and blatant 'Fraud" that Verizon's Executives, "Smith, Babbio, and Messrs" (but not limited to), have committed against NorthPoint.

NorthPoint's complaint will undoubtedly bring shame and dishonor to Verizon and their Executives who have been charged with some serious allegations such as "Fraud" and a variety of other disgraceful claims! If this is confirmed as being true by way of a settlement or jury verdict is this business or corruption? Verizon Executives apparently claimed that they wanted NorthPoint for less money than what was 'Legally" agreed to. Now after the fact, and mind you, all "tech stocks" across the board were down and out, but yet Verizon had their minds dead set on committing the inevitable, "Fraud" and "Breach of Contract" to name a few allegations and at all costs necessary to "wrongfully terminate" the promised legal merger with NorthPoint to improve as they did the stock price and forecast to include stating so within press releases to the public. Ultimately, Verizon would attempt as a last measure, because all else failed in trying to persuade NorthPoint to change its legal merger agreement, Verizon decided to attempt (as the lawsuit claims) to commit "Fraud" by lying and fabricating an alleged "Material Adverse Event" clause to remove Verizon from a legally binding merger resulting in NorthPoint going into bankruptcy directly because of Verizon’s fabrications and deceitfully unfair tactics. Please read our complaint below which includes additional websites that have done thorough investigations and research concerning Verizon and the Baby Bells and have concluded that "beyond any reasonable doubt" that Verizon has intentionally, criminally, and wrongfully committed terrible acts against many smaller competitive companies, their shareholders, and creditors, customers belonging to them, employees working for them and the entire world seeking Broadband DSL and similar services.

I am a member of a shareholder group which includes many shareholders that were former NorthPoint Employees. Everyone was overtly hurt by Verizon’s cancellation of a legally binding merger with NorthPoint Communications without "Just Cause". The Merger would have been mutually beneficial to both companies, its employees and the entire world seeking Broadband DSL.

It is our belief, as I am hopeful that you can appreciate, that a good majority, approximately 45% of the 133 million outstanding shares are owned by former NorthPoint employees who were unnecessarily damaged and their families made to suffer by Verizon’s dirty deeds. Therefore, we are sincerely and respectfully requesting your continued assistance and much needed support concerning all the innocent victims and same being "Fairly and Equitably" compensated due to Verizon’s unjustifiable ‘Wrongful Termination" of a promised merger.

The Baby Bells (including Verizon) have unfairly treated the Competitive Local Exchange Companies (CLEC) like NorthPoint which were or are offering services which can be beneficial to the public and to the companies that employ such people etc. Verizon seems to have committed anti trust and monopolization violations that are considerably worse than Microsoft is alleged to have committed. Please don’t allow Verizon to use the system as a scapegoat or to have them pay off anyone or group to assist them with avoiding having to answer for all the issues that are at hand. Broadband DSL once offered by NorthPoint would have been beneficial to Verizon and millions of potential customers. This would have, as many experts report, assisted the overall Technology sector, allowing innovation and new products as well as old to have benefited and improved immensely.

It is believed by many honest impartial analysts, that eliminating NorthPoint as Verizon has done so calculatedly and blatantly, has caused not only as we have said, NorthPoint employees and their families, NorthPoint shareholders and hundreds of companies which were NorthPoint customers and suppliers, to be ruined and put in disarray. Also the public and consumers has been affected extremely negatively. Case in point, Verizon’s own DSL customers have a class action lawsuit against Verizon for failing to provide and make good on the DSL services that they have promised to provide the world. The President of Communication Workers of America (CWA) even confirmed this by stating in a recent press report that "Verizon DSL is Piss Poor". There have also been some articles stating that Verizon was attempting to use NorthPoint as a bargaining chip during its negotiations with CWA on behalf of Verizon Employees while they were striking during the summer of 2000. Verizon was also attempting, as well, in addition to many other reasons for "Wrongfully Terminating ", to improve and increase its short-term stock price as Verizon stated in a press release shortly after they terminated. Verizon’s stock price did increase immediately.

Verizon felt that they agreed to pay too much for NorthPoint, seeing the Technology sector as we know, across the board considerably lost its value right around the time of the termination of the merger as well as the Presidential recounts occurring simultaneously.

Verizon has expensive high speed internet services in place referred to as T-1, T-2 etc… These services cost a considerable amount of money to the consumers. Therefore, it seems evident that Verizon has caused one of the largest DSL providers NorthPoint to be eliminated from the mix because now Verizon can roll out DSL when and where they want to avoid "Cutting their nose off to spite their face", meaning, NorthPoint will not be able to offer (as Ms. Fetter, former President indicated), "Affordable Broadband" to the public which can replace or be compatible with T-1 etc. Please read this well written article by Telecommunications analyst concerning this matter and how the Baby Bells like Verizon have "Intentionally" ruined the rollout of Broadband DSL High Speed Internet Access to you and I.

It is clear that Verizon is attempting to the dominate the entire Broadband DSL 500 Billion market share, as a recent expert analyst had reported, and they appear to be using anti-trust and/or monopolization methods of doing so. Please don’t let Verizon continue to finish the plan of total domination as it appears very evident in nature based on the many lawsuits, complaints from a considerably amount of competitors being wrongfully damaged as we speak because of Verizon. Considerable Industry data shows that virtually all similar companies offering Broadband DSL are suffering because Verizon and other Baby Bells are not complying with the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

I have followed the NorthPoint and Verizon Merger and I have followed NorthPoint since its initial IPO. Verizon is falsely claiming to have a reason to terminate the merger. I believe that Verizon is playing everyone as fools. There is a great deal of evidence that Verizon intended to destroy NorthPoint and many companies partnered with them.

In a recent complaint filed with the FCC,, claimed that they have been mistreated by Verizon in a variety of ways and that Verizon has even violated it’s own merger agreement with GTE and Bell Atlantic. Comptel contends that part of their merger agreement forming Verizon required an independent auditor to be involved with these companies in their future dealings with other companies like NorthPoint as well as Comptel etc. The reason for this is to avoid exactly what has happened and is sadly happening as we speak. Verizon is running Wild over each and every company that it is indirectly or directly involved with. If there had been such an auditor as required by their merger agreement maybe NorthPoint wouldn’t be in this serious mess that Verizon has created wrongfully and fraudulently.

Forgive me for my example, but Verizon seems to have been attempting to kill not two birds with one stone, but in this case many birds, i.e.. companies relying on NorthPoint’s Network, with one stone to say the very least. Even if we gave Verizon the benefit of the doubt claiming NorthPoint restated its earnings NOT LIED ABOUT ITS EARNINGS, however, restated its earnings, which was honest in my opinion. Then there was no material adverse change in Northpoint. Flashcom, another DSL provider which dealt directly with Verizon, was claiming bankruptcy. Therefore, they couldn’t pay the monies they owed to NorthPoint. Flashcom was having the same problems that other companies have had with Verizon concerning the 1996 Telecommunications Act as well. NorthPoint restated its earnings of about 6 Million dollars which is minute in comparison to the overall value of NorthPoint of over 2 Billion dollars at the time and furthermore due to the great demand of DSL by consumers as indicated, what is believed to be a 500 Billion dollar market, which Verizon knew full well. Verizon even funded one of the many reports concerning this that is circulating around. Furthermore, either party, in this case, NorthPoint had until 08/07/2001 to cure any of the ALLEGED reasons why Verizon claimed they terminated the legally binding merger. NorthPoint, by the way had already made arrangements with Telocity and Microsoft MSN Internet to switch these DSL lines that were in question resulting in a correction of any alleged matters almost immediately.

Verizon gave NorthPoint NO advanced notice for canceling the promised merger, which make us wonder as well, what the underlying reasons for Verizon’s overt actions were. NorthPoint had many other Fortune Five Hundred companies interested in their awesome large impressive DSL Network and services they offered. If Verizon wouldn't have done what they have done to NorthPoint, then NorthPoint would have partnered with a competitor of Verizon like AT&T which eventually bought NorthPoint’s technology equipment, sadly through bankruptcy proceedings. NorthPoint had continually increased it DSL expansion since the date they agreed to merge with Verizon. NorthPoint spent a lot of cash honesty and expecting the reciprocation from Verizon to no avail as we know, Verizon reneged! NorthPoint had rapidly expanded its DSL footprint and coverage throughout the United States and Internationally from the time of the merger promise 08/08/2000. NorthPoint's overall expansion and partnerships continued to increase more than ever before, yet Verizon cancelled because of some concocted theory concerning their financial profile, or was its blatant fraud as FLK claims on behalf of NorthPoint, we agree and many other impartial and I am sure partial would agree and confirm if it didn't negatively effect them in one form or another, bottom line, Verizon appeared to have clearly violated the merger agreement with NorthPoint at the very, very minimum.

This alleged Material Adverse Change in NorthPoint’s, Business model was "nil to none", taking into consideration that NorthPoint was spending cash "hand over fist" to please Verizon, knowing the merger was going to go through shortly and Verizon was going to make its large payment due to NorthPoint as agreed. Verizon as we know, knew exactly how much cash NorthPoint had on hand and that NorthPoint was counting on Verizon’s payment. Verizon never made the payment and they terminated the binding merger agreement, why??? It is believed by many because Verizon wanted to destroy a large competitor NorthPoint and its many partners so that Verizon can gain all the market share in a Hot Commodity, DSL as we know it.

The merger agreement also states, that "material adverse effect" is very carefully defined in the Merger Agreement,

"... facts, events, changes and effects that are generally applicable to (A) the data industry, (B) the United States economy or (C) the United States securities markets generally or the NASDAQ Technology Index in particular..."

ARE NOT MATERIAL ADVERSE EFFECTS for purposes of interpreting the Merger Agreement. This supports NorthPoint as well as the date 08/07/2001, making it very difficult to terminate the merger agreement. The Merger Agreement between Verizon and NorthPoint was signed on 8/8/2000. Before and after Verizon terminated the Merger (including today), the data industry, the United States economy, the U.S. securities markets and the NASDAQ Technology Index have ALL had negative facts, events, similar changes etc... It is also believed that, a third party like Flashcom, cannot be the cause of either party to cancel the merger. Meaning, if Flashcom’s financial matters created a problem, NorthPoint could not be blamed for this, regardless, NorthPoint switched the majority if not "All" the DSL lines to other Internet DSL Provider, mentioned of which are still in business operating despite Verizon’s planned efforts to "Commit Fraud" as alleges as well as violating, time and time again, requirements set forth by the 1996 Telecommunication Act Law that was created to "Cease and Desist" this type of anti trust and monopolization’s from occurring. This entire matter and future actions will affect everyone seeking Broadband DSL at an " Affordable Cost", as well as in a timely fashion of which Verizon has taken justice into its own hands and put an unnecessary stop to DSL expansion by destroying NorthPoint and its partners. This is not a business move, this is "Fraud" "Waste" and "Abuse" amongst other unfavorable terms.

Besides, owning stock and being a long-term investor in NorthPoint, "Not a Professional Investor" and communicating with many similar people as myself and my family, former employees of NorthPoint, my heartfelt prayers and thoughts are also with the consumers as well. Consumers as we know it is you and I and everyone else. In some countries supposedly it is a right to be offered Broadband DSL. This is a valuable tool in pursuing an education, conducting research and development and ultimately the expansion of technology as a whole. People are being denied these great abilities and options because Verizon wants to dominate and destroy competition.

Verizon should be stripped of the ammunition and weapons they use to continually maim the people and industries that serve us and are us. Here are just a few articles concerning how Verizon is basically destroying all competition like NorthPoint and many others. This is a detailed report including a list of DSL Competition (CLEC) that are regularly injured by Verizon and the Baby Bells, please stop them!

SPECIAL REPORT 1: "The Bells Caused The Current Financial Recession: The Fiber-Optic Fiasco And America's Copper Dirt Road" A new, suggestive analysis by New Networks Institute (NNI) lays out a series of related events and actions on the part of the Bell Companies that have contributed in a major way to the tech sector crash and will hamper the sector’s recovery and the roll-out of broadband services. In its Special Report, NNI claims that the Bell companies failure to roll out their broadband services as promised along with their longstanding anticompetitive behavior in the face of regulations and law obligating them to open up their monopolies to competition has scared away investment and diminished the growth prospects in the tech sector. These actions have contributed substantially to the sector’s current problems and decline, as well as the harm to the entire economy.

SPECIAL REPORT 2: "The Bells Harmed The CLEC Industry: Bell Funded Study By Brooking’s Crandall On CLECs Is Flawed." This "Special Report" supplies evidence that the Bell companies' anti-competitive behavior and lack of enforcement has been the major impediment for competitors to offer local phone and DSL/Broadband services, not the Competitive Local Exchange Companies' (CLECs) business plans as some would suggest.

ABOUT the source of the above articles:

New Networks Institute, (NNI) was created to investigate, on a totally independent impartial basis, how the break-up of AT&T and the the creation of Baby Bells had impacted subscribers. Since that time we have completed the most comprehensive research project ever undertaken, helped to initiate Class Action suits in specific states, has filed comments and complaints with the FCC, IRS, and other government agencies in the hopes of creating change that benefit the telephone customer. In 2000, New Networks Institute and associates proposed a new piece of Federal legislation --- the "Broadband Bill of Rights".

The companies effected are virtually all telecom, fiber-optic, servers, routers, computers, chip makers, including Lucent, Nortel, JDSUniphase, Corning, Intel, HP, Cisco, 3Com, and virtually all Competitive Local Phone companies (CLECs) and ISPs, including Covad, Northpoint, Focal, McLeod, Allegiance, Bwaynet, Panix, and PSINet. "The Bell companies have successfully defended their aging copper wire phone networks and destroyed any hope of competition or a fiber-optic future. Unless the problems of telecommunications are fixed, the recession won't end anytime soon." · Did America just spend $50 billion in higher phone charges for the same 75-year old copper network?

· Is ADSL over copper wiring the best it will ever be?

· Is America going to end up a third-rate technology nation?

A recent report titled "An Assessment Of The Competitive Local Exchange Carriers Five Years After The Passage Of The Telecommunications Act " written by Robert Crandall, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute and funded by the USTA (United States Telephone Association, which represents the Bell companies) concluded that the collapse of the CLEC market was caused primarily by their own mistakes and not caused by the Bell companies treatment of competitors. We believe Dr. Crandall’s conclusion unwarranted and his analysis flawed by his decision to ignore an ample body of evidence to the contrary.. These include:

  • SBC pulled its long distance application in Missouri after the FCC found that there were problems "related to cost-based pricing in its region and operations support systems (OSS)"
  • The Department of Justice stated that they could not endorse Verizon's entrance into long distance in Pennsylvania because "electronic billing problems have been extensive".
  • FCC released Verizon-Massachusetts information in the "Provisioning of POTS" (local phone service) found that Verizon's treatment of their customers has remained fairly stable with 95% of all Bell orders handled within five days. However, services supplied to CLECs have eroded from 85% in 9/97 to having only 25% being completed in a timely fashion in 6/00.
  • The Communications Workers of America (CWA) released a report claiming that Verizon-New York's own upper management was telling its staffers to falsify data on installations, thus making it look to the public that installations were all happening on time.
  • The California ISP Association (CISPA) filed a formal complaint charging Pac Bell and SBC with "anti-competitive conduct"

As you can see by visiting the reports and website links above Verizon seems to have the "Intent, Capability, and Negligence" to intentionally want to destroy all of its competition of which would be beneficial to all of the world seeking other affordable alternatives. Please see this article as well, which is another clearly depiction of how the Baby Bells and Verizon specifically is severely negatively impacting dedicated companies looking to assist customers world wide in obtaining Broadband DSL. Please visit this article and view yet another detailed complaint submitted by another, what appears to be yet another innocent injured CLEC Broadband DSL provider and association.

Consider this press release dated 8/6/01

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel) today urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to impose forfeitures on Verizon Communications, Inc. for failing to comply with the Commission's Bell Atlantic/GTE Merger Order and Conditions. Under the terms of the Merger Order, Verizon is required to retain an independent auditor to evaluate Verizon's compliance with the Merger Conditions. Two recent audits revealed significant instances of noncompliance with the Merger Conditions, resulting in harm to competitive telecommunications carriers.

CompTel, while calling attention to numerous instances of noncompliance, requested an expedited investigation into those areas that were particularly devastating to competitors seeking to deliver advanced services to consumers. CompTel noted specifically that an audit of Verizon's separate advanced services affiliate revealed that Verizon failed to invoice the affiliate for line-sharing during the period July 2000 through April 2001, and provided the affiliate access to operations support systems (OSS) that were not made available to other telecommunications carriers.

"These audits clearly demonstrate that Verizon is discriminating to the advantage of its advanced services affiliate, which constitutes a violation of the Bell Atlantic/GTE Merger Conditions," said H. Russell Frisby, Jr., president of CompTel. "Enforcement, with strong penalties, will send the message that no violation will be tolerated, providing competitors 'an increased measure of confidence that the company will not engage in discrimination,' as envisioned by the Merger Order."

The audit reports also found that:

Verizon did not provide competing carriers timely and accurate bill credits for unbundled network elements and resold telecommunications services, effectively resulting in a no-interest loan to Verizon; and

Verizon consistently miscalculated performance measures, failed to report performance measures, failed to capture the underlying data needed to calculate performance measures, or unilaterally revised the business rules associated with certain performance measures, making it impossible for regulators and competitive carriers to detect discrimination by Verizon.

CompTel urged the Commission to impose appropriate sanctions for any violations uncovered by the audit reports to deter future violations, and called for a full investigation into all potential instances of noncompliance with the Merger Order and Conditions and underlying FCC rules.

End of articles, continuation of letter:

Verizon should be required, rightfully so to pay the $4 Billion as of this date, and more in interest and punitive damages as time goes on.

We were promised by NorthPoint Investor Relations, Mr. Terry McGovern that the only way of NorthPoint NPNTQ Shareholders can collect on their investments is if there is a big enough settlement or jury verdict to cover the debt. Please don’t allow this matter to settle for anything less than what the amended complaint on 07/12/2001 describes- $4 Billion Dollars or more plus the other requirements ie;, proceed with original merger etc. We prefer a verdict by jury trial as FLK and the lawsuit contends will occur to allow the truth and justice to be captured correctly. Many shareholders we communicate with regularly both internationally and from America agree in full that Verizon has done very wrong and should be brought to justice and held fully accountable for their disgraceful actions they have taken.

In this letter I have covered a variety of unfair acts on the part of Verizon and there are many more legitimate complaints as circulating around of which legally support similar claims as made by NorthPoint. However, we completely agree with Folger, Levin and Kahn (FLK) lawsuit submitted on behalf of NorthPoint as well as amended complaint’s filed on 07/12/2001 submitted by the US Trustees Office in support of NorthPoint and all people directly and indirectly extremely effected by Verizon’s apparent unfair acts. It seems rather clear that Verizon's Executives have intentionally cancelled a contractual legal obligation, merger agreement to ruin NorthPoint. Verizon promised NorthPoint and we NorthPoint shareholders that they would merge with NorthPoint forming the "Nations Largest DSL Provider" and we feel strongly that Verizon failed us all. Many of us purchased stock in NorthPoint knowing and trusting that this would be a reasonably secure investment, seeing that Verizon had promised to merge with NorthPoint and in turn provide us with a "New NorthPoint Share", $2.50 for each share we owned and 45% in the newly formed company in addition to other promises.

Please contact me should you require any information whatsoever from my private group of which has a great deal of information concerning Verizon’s overt actions. This matter at hand is not only about honest, hard working individuals (many of whom I communicate with) losing " hard earned money", this matter at hand goes much deeper than that. This matter at hand is about 'Honesty", "Trust" and Verizon's legal obligations to merge with NorthPoint as legally agreed to by both parties. This matter at hand is about this merger agreement benefiting the 'Entire World Seeking Broadband DSL" of which have all been denied the "fair opportunity to experience Broadband DSL High Speed Internet Access of which would broaden each and everyone’s horizons and life style to say the very least. The Verizon Customer DSL "Class Action Lawsuit" is clear proof that Verizon has hurt more people besides all that are directly related to NorthPoint, Verizon has hurt the "Entire Consumer Population" but not limited to, the list goes on and on and on! Please see the many other articles in print and via the internet concerning Verizon’s continued disrespect and unfair business practices. We would be honored to assist you in seeking the truth and "Fair and Equitable" relief for all that have been so negatively affected by Verizon. Please assist us and the world in seeing that "Justice Prevails" concerning Verizon and the massive problems that they have apparently caused.

PS: This is not spam, we are seeking your organizations support to assist in seeking that “Justice Prevails” against Verizon and for You, I, and the entire world. If you do not wish to receive this message please reply email us with your exact email addresses you want removed so that we can do this for you. Thank You!

The views and theories on this website are of the opinion of certain people. It is up to you or whomever to do your own further research concerning this matter and make your own final judgements.
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The views and theories on this website are of the opinion of certain people. It is up to you or whomever to do your own further research concerning this matter and make your own final judgements. Any use of this information without the proper consent of the owner(s) is prohibited by law.

Read Northpoint's "NORTHPOINT'S DIARY ABOUT VERIZON FRAUD" Against Verizon. Did Verizon commit fraud against Northpoint and the entire World by ruining Northpoint DSL and stopping the expansion of DSL and Broadband Services to all customers wanting same?

Read Northpoint's "LAWSUIT AMENDED 07/12/2001 COMPLAINT" Against Verizon. Did Verizon commit fraud against Northpoint and the entire World by ruining Northpoint DSL and stopping the expansion of DSL and Broadband Services to all customers wanting same?

Read Northpoint's "LAWSUIT COMPLAINT" Against Verizon. Did Verizon commit fraud against Northpoint and the entire World by ruining Northpoint DSL and stopping the expansion of DSL and Broadband Services to all customers wanting same?

Read Northpoint's "MERGER AGREEMENT" With Verizon 08/08/2000. Did Verizon commit fraud against Northpoint and the entire World by ruining Northpoint DSL and stopping the expansion of DSL and Broadband Services to all customers wanting same?

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